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Saturday, March 04, 2006

wow this wild world of web logging blogging

i am so new to this. what the heck am i supposed to post? how about this!

i would like to extend an invitation to you and your friends
and acquaintences to attend a very special performance by

cellojoe and friends

in the berklee cafeteria at 150 mass ave in the basement. (in the doors, down
the stairs, left, down more stairs, right. ask someone if you get lost...it's
easy to do in the catacombs of berklee...the hauntedest school in the

wednesday march 8th 2006

starts at 9:53 pm sharp

yes indeed folks this is going to be memorable and humorsome.
come one come all to the funkiest fun show on the planet!

compete in the insane dance contest!
laugh your ass off in the laughfest!
make the silliest noise and win a prize!

so many freakin prizes!!!

please come and bring a friend or two or twenty.
bring your singin voice because you are in the band!
if you have drums or percussion things, bring them too!

who is cellojoe?
sporadically sprinkling sparks of simple seasonings, cellojoe conjures crazy
concoctions of contradictions and coniptions.
alliterations are awesome.
he'll mesmerize you with his awiueybfajsndufnepaoinsdlfk.

ogfabble this is the last cellojoe for a while so don't miss it!!

so mark your calendars:
wed march 8 berklee caf
mon march 27 pop/rock live show.
sat april 1rst april fools day show with joel sindelair et al at
some sleazy comedy club.

i'll keep you posted on any other gigs i've got coming up!

add me and tell your friends to add me on myspace!


also has anyone got anything really really cool going on?

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