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Sunday, February 21, 2010

video of cellojoe at burning man 2009

just stumbled across this clip of cellojoe playing at centercamp at burningman 2009 saturday morning.


watch it here!


p.s. here's another one..same performance different part..:
watch it..

cellojoe on luvudu's song All I Said! check it out

LuVuDu has a song on their profile called All I Said and it features the cello playing of cellojoe.

what do you think?

They're playin in Los Altos at the main street sports bar at first and main feb 27th i believe. at 9 pm.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another great four minutes in the life of cellojoe


here i am singin "let's be happy!" with a very enthusiastic crowd. that's the kind i like!


a great ten minutes in the life of cellojoe

this is from Wells, BC. JULY 31 to aug 2nd.
a great small festival with about 300 people.
this was a spontaneous street jam.
how many instruments are involved?
e-mail me with your answer.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I was searching google images for cellojoe and i came across this great article from momemtum magazine about the Vancouver BMF

lots of pictures.. very cool..

kyrstyn pixton posted a track we collaborated on! listen to it..


oh my gosh it's so beautiful. kyrstyn is an amazing keyboardist/singer/beatboxer/live looper.. such a lovely voice!

she's livin in portland.

we met at emerg n see festival outside salem and then we jammed at her house and made this track..

support her!

listen to the track

someone living in chiang mai wrote a blog post about cellojoe!

check it out..
it's well written and interesting..
and about me!