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Monday, August 02, 2010

CelloJoe and FluLou opening for La Brass Banda in Passau, Germany 30 July 2010

Joey Chang aka CelloJoe and Louis Gaspar Alexander aka Flu Lou had a serendipitous opportunity to open for La Brass Banda (http://www.labrassbanda.com) in Passau, Germany, right on the border of Austria. They are a super awesome brass band from Bavaria. They play eastern European music and fuse it with Bavarian slang rapping. They did a tour through Bavaria on a tractor pulling a stage!

This show was the biggest show CelloJoe and FluLou have ever played. It was awesome! CelloJoe got the gig by playing on the street in front of the Cafe Bar the night before for 10 minutes and meeting Til, La Brass Banda's manager. What luck! It just shows that you never know what kind of opportunities you'll run into on the Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music Tour. Wow, if I had said I don't really feel like playing on the street right now, I wouldn't have had the chance to open for such a cool band. I think we sold about 200 € worth of CDs. Plus, we got in to the sold out show for free and were able to get a bunch of the Pleasant Revolution crew in free, we drank tons of free beer, ate a lot of free bratwursts, and saw the kickinist ass band in all of Bavaria!

Check out these video clips:

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