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Friday, December 24, 2010

Magical Coincidences in the Flower of Life

So in September of 2009, I was at Symbiosis Gathering and I found a necklace in the dirt at the Shrine stage. It looked like this:
I knew this was a magical piece of jewelry right away. I put it on a string and started wearing it around the festival hoping that I would run into whoever lost it so I could return it to its owner. Well, no one claimed it. I thought about giving it to the lost and found, but figured then someone from the lost and found would keep it or it would sit in a box forever. So I kept it and I wore it as much as I could especially when I went to festivals or events similar to the vibe of Symbiosis. I kept the intention that I would one day run into whoever lost it and I wore it everyday all over Europe on the Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music Tour.

Fast forward to December 21, 2010. Winter solstice with a concurrent lunar eclipse. I'm playing at Heart Tribe's Crystal Download event at the Temple of Visions Gallery in Los Angeles.  This guy:

David Block aka The Human Experience sees the necklace and asks, "Hey, where did you get that necklace?" 
"I found it on the ground at Symbiosis last year," I reply.
"I lost that necklace there last year," he replies. "It's from Rajasthan, Northern India."
"Well, here you go," I say. "I've been keeping it safe for you." And I hand him the necklace. 
He in turn puts it around my neck and says, "Thanks. Now I can give it to you to hold onto for a while again." 
So I'm still wearing it.
These kinds of magical coincidences are happening all the time. We just need to be present enough to observe them and keep our intentions on manifesting them. We are magical musicians and musical magicians.


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  2. !!! Joey Chang ! Please watch the movie Thrive ! This necklace is the shape of a very ancient and sacred symbol. It describes the way energy flows in the universal organisation of matter. Well, something like this ;) I have to watch that movie again ! Anyway, it has been found in a lot of different ancient civilizations and I'm sure you would be interested into learning a bit more about it.
    Blessings !
    Pauline S.


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