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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CelloJoe's trip to Belgium

In January, I went to Liege, Belgium to perform with Bryonn Bain's HipHopera "Lyrics from Lockdown." I then proceeded to play eight shows over the next week. I played at La Peniche Legia in Liege, at the Landbowbelong, a squat in Maastricht, NL, at the Beursschouwburg in Brussels, at Buster's in Antwerp, at the Live Music Cafe in Brussels, at the Hot Club de Gand in Ghent, at the Volkshuis in Ghent, and finally at Bonnefooi in Brussels. Phew! It was a really fun hectic week of playing almost every night for two to three hours sometimes.

I ran into May Lee Todd while staying with Ellen Geerts in Brussels. I invited her to play at the Hot Club de Gand and it went great!

Here's some videos from my performance at Legia in Liege, Belgium.

Part 1:

Cellojoe live à La Legia (part1)
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Part 2:

Cellojoe live à La Legia (part2)
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Vimeo (slightly more edited)

CelloJoe, live à La Légia, Liège 2011 from zero4 on Vimeo.

And special thanks to Michael from zero4 tv for uploading all the videos!

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