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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cello Madness Congress! April 9th 2011! Doors @ 6:30 pm

The Triumphant Return of The Cello Madness Congress
San Francisco, CA

The Triumphant Return of...
The Cello Madness Congress!
$5-20 sliding scale
977 S Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA
doors at 6:30 pm
After a super long hiatus, the Cello Madness Congress reconvenes for the first time since Oct 27 2009! It's going to be absolute cello mayhem!

For this event, we'll be teaming up with story tellers from the Eth-noh-tec Kinetic Story Theater.

We are going to perform the USA premier of an original composition for 8 cellists by composer Ian Stewart from London! http://www.ianstewart.eu/

We are also going to perform an octet + MC by Oakland, CA composer Joowan Kim. http://goldenfetus.com/

A bit of background:

The Cello Madness Congress is a loose knit group of cellists from around the bay area (62 members strong and growing!) who get together to write a new constitution of what is possible with the violincello or 'cello for short. We play the instrument said to be most like the human voice and we create spontaneous, improvised, magical musical moments of pure ecstasy (the aural/auditory kind) that astound and amaze the listener's ear.

We can go from a stately, majestic promenade of elf gods to a wild, erratic, frantic frenzy of whirling space gnomes dancing in eternity whilst seducing seahorses and sea cucumbers. Our jams can depict the ephemeral wisps of smoke rising from a funeral pyre to the prismatic rainbow colored fanfare of a three ring circus complete with elephants and clowns.

We also read music arranged for cello. We invite all cellists to come and explore with us. Other instruments are welcome too, especially violin, viola, and upright bass.

Come and experience the magic for yourself!

We meet in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Bazaar Cafe in San Francisco and soon we'll be taking over the world.

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