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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CelloJoe was the feature at the Hotel Utah Open Mic

Here's what JJ Shultz had to say about it:

Hi joey - My friend Manny was telling me about the word onomatopoeia this morning and I got kind of excited about it and really wanted to use it in today's newsletter, and in a way I already have, but ugh that use is kind of weak. I really wanted to describe this week's feature as the Onomatopoeiac Cello Joe, but I thought, hmmm, that's not correct, as 'Cello' describes what Joe does, not what he sounds like. Sigh. He would need to be Voom Voom Joe, or when he's beat boxing, Boo Boo Pa Joe for it to work - ah, but he's Cello Joe... I gotta get Manny over again and see if there's another word that would apply. Jeeze I am digressing badly. Say, yeah, Cello Joe's one talented man - he's a perfect storm of beatboxing, danceable cello, and Joe. He writes some very intelligent yet undeniably danceable songs and the dude's funny when he plays, cracks me up, very subtly though - he's just got that twinkle in his eye. ahh yeah, it gonna be a great feature - have a preview right here: http://theutah.org/t/2832 
that's all I know today. hope you're doing good - JJ http://theutah.org http://twitter.com/theutah 

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