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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We made it! 329 backers, $20,015 pledged, and 4 days to go!

The Pleasant Revolution documentary movie "Stuck on Earth: Where No Band Has Gone Before" has surpassed our goal of raising $20,000. Our kickstarter project has been a success and will be funded on September 25!

Sergio Morkin & team are going to finish the movie and it will be entered into all kinds of film festivals! There's still four days to chip in some cash for the project to have extra money so they don't have to cut corners to get the movie done!

If you like the idea of a documentary movie about a band riding 5,000 miles over seven months and bicycling without a support vehicle all over California and Mexico with a pedal powered sound system and you haven't donated, you still can. This documentary will inspire people to live their dreams, to dream big, to enjoy the journey and to ride bikes! So chip in what you are able!

Mil gracias, a million thanks to all the 329 backers of the project. Average pledge: about $60! It's amazing what we can do when we join together and get behind the projects we want to see done in the world.

What are your amazing kickstarter ideas that you want to get crowd-funded? Improving water systems where they are desperately needed? Starting a humanure company? Manufacturing coats that convert into sleeping bags for the homeless? Starting a permaculture healing center? It's all about the idea nowadays in this internet information world we live in. Dream big and then make your dreams reality with a little help from your friends!

Now it's time to celebrate!

UPDATE: We finished the campaign by raising $24,030 ($4,030 over our goal!) with 415 backers. THANK YOU!

CelloJoe and Louis Alexander in Hamburg, Germany 2010 Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music Tour

Oh and check out these videos i made at Burning Man. Sorry for the low volume on the sound.


You can download this two hour long mp3 of a live show I played at Caffe Trieste in Berkeley. There was a great crowd there and I didn't know how they had heard about the show. One person mentioned the Johnny FunCheap email list which has helped the Cello Madness Congress in the past.

CelloJoe: Live at Caffe Trieste Berkeley 9-12-2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

6 days left in Kickstarter Campaign! & Sanctuary Camp Out Recap

In 2007 and 2008 I went on my first long distance bicycle music tour from California to Guadalajara, Mexico. The magic from that tour is still with me and it is also in a documentary film by Sergio Morkin which has been edited from 200 hours of footage down to 81 minutes.
It is time for us to finish this movie and release it to the world to spread a message of hope and alternatives to our current system of exploitation and capitalism that is destroying the earth we depend on for our lives. This documentary is all about spreading the bicycle love and demonstrates the power of cycling as a solution for our transportation system.

Watch this video then go to http://kck.st/qXBvWf and click on the green "BACK THIS PROJECT" button and type in a big number after it! Every bit helps and please contribute as much as you feel you are able.

Please post this link [ http://kck.st/qXBvWf ] on your Facebook wall, share it with your friends and neighbors and coworkers etc and help us reach that $20,000 goal so we can finish this documentary that the world needs to see and help us spread our message of bicycle music love and bicycling for transportation. We only have six days to raise $6,000! Donate and tell your friends to donate!

Thank you so much!

P.S. Here's a special sneak peak at a trailer of the film from two years ago:

The Ginger Ninjas' Pleasant Revolution (trailer) from Kipchoge Spencer on Vimeo.


I had such a blast at Sanctuary! The folks at Camp Renegade and Strategik definitely know how to party and throw a fat campout music festival. Here are some pictures:

 DJ booth...
 Chill space. Like the unicorn!
They had collaborative art stations...

 Big FIRE!
 BASS FACE photo booth. totally awesome art project.
  I got in the picture.
 Hot glue ribbon flower hat..
 Fire spinning.
 Nice "wild on the inside" jacket Dustin!
collaborative art
Thanks so much to Jake at Strategik for inviting me! And thanks for a wonderful weekend everyone.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CelloJoe is playing at Sanctuary: Mind, Body, and BASS!

If you are free this weekend, bust out your camping gear and come party with me at Sanctuary: Mind, Body, and BASS! Strategik SF is throwing a sweet party and there are only a few tickets left.

Get your tickets for Santuary at http://strategiksanctuary3.eventbrite.com/

Just look at the pool:
3 days & 2 nights.  2 stages / 40+ hours of music | Pool party | live art | huge fire pits | The DoDo Bus | massage tents | art installations | chill dome area | Japanese Tea Temple
BIG campground area | 30+ DJs and musical talents | wide array of musical genres | 
classes and daytime activities

beautiful wilderness environment • car camping available at no extra charge • only 3 hours from SF, 1.5 from Sacramento

- All respectable adults 18+ welcome

Lighting by VIVID FUSION

Look at the list of all the DJs and music! (You'll find me at the bottom..last minute addition) I don't know all of these DJs but I recognize the names after them. I think they are labels or production companies. I recognize Addictech, opulent temple, and Nexus from Burning Man. 
You'll also find me listed with the LIVE ART
They are offering some amazing workshops too. Like yoga, breath work, qi gong, Kundalini, etc. high vibes. It looks like it's going to be a really fun festival. I have heard it has a smaller more intimate feel with 300 people or so. So I hope you can make it.

Help fund the Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music Documentary Movie Kickstarter project!

Go to
and click on "Back this Project" and give as much as you can!

CelloJoe is a main character in this full length documentary about his first bicycle tour to Mexico with the Ginger Ninjas! The film is in the last stage of post production and needs your help to be released internationally.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

...**! Burning Man !**...

I have officially had my mind blown during the last week at Burning Man.

The theme this year was "Rites of Passage." I definitely went through a rite of passage and I've come out the other side of the rabbit hole full of new ideas and enthusiastic to take myself to a higher level of artistic awesomeness.

It's somewhat difficult to express the significance of experiencing Burning Man. You can look at the pictures and see videos, but you really have to be there fully immersed in the madness to really understand how powerful this festival is.

I used to think (and still do..to a certain extent) that Burning Man is a humongous waste of resources and an egregious environmental disaster. People flying in from all over the world, thousands of RVs, trucks, cars, massive generators, so much pollution for a silly party. But when you have experienced it, the profound personal transformation and life changing experiences make up for the egregious use of resources.

Every day semi trucks snake along highways and jets fly all over the world. Factories are spewing pollution non-stop and people are commuting to their jobs. All this pollution is in the service of advancing consumerism and maintaining the status quo.

Burning Man blows peoples' hearts and minds wide open. It is a free city where people do as they please. There are all types of people from all parts of the world mixing and sharing ideas. There are mad max type apocolyptic dark energies and there are healers and light workers. There's acoustic jams on the front porch

and earth shaking 100,000 watt sound systems blasting dubstep womp.

It's designed as a pedestrian and bicycle city where mutant vehicles function almost like a public transit system. (I saw a bus called "BRAT" [Black Rock Area Transit] referencing the Bay Area Rapid Transit [BART])

I rode on the disco fish art car and danced the night away. I watched the deathguild duct tape weapon fights suspended from bungee's on their dome. I met a crazy robot.
I took a drink of water from a roaming drinking fountain.

I played on the front porch art car. I saw the sun rise from the temple and heard the amazing earth harp.

I played with Lucent Dossier Experience at Fractal Nation and the Temple of Boom. I did the music for Poki and Ember's clown duo. I played on the Center Camp Stage.

What I took away with me from Burning Man was a profound shift in why I make art and what my purpose is in this world. I have always held the vision to spread joy and love and laughter through music wherever I go. I still hold this vision, but now I want to take it to the next level. I want to bring the Burning Man asthetic and vibe to the city. I think that is one of the most powerful results of Burning Man. People go and get inspired by the amazing art and they want to bring Burning Man back to their communities and help liberate peoples' hearts and minds to live in love and express themselves fully.

here i am playin so much love at center camp