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Sunday, September 18, 2011

6 days left in Kickstarter Campaign! & Sanctuary Camp Out Recap

In 2007 and 2008 I went on my first long distance bicycle music tour from California to Guadalajara, Mexico. The magic from that tour is still with me and it is also in a documentary film by Sergio Morkin which has been edited from 200 hours of footage down to 81 minutes.
It is time for us to finish this movie and release it to the world to spread a message of hope and alternatives to our current system of exploitation and capitalism that is destroying the earth we depend on for our lives. This documentary is all about spreading the bicycle love and demonstrates the power of cycling as a solution for our transportation system.

Watch this video then go to http://kck.st/qXBvWf and click on the green "BACK THIS PROJECT" button and type in a big number after it! Every bit helps and please contribute as much as you feel you are able.

Please post this link [ http://kck.st/qXBvWf ] on your Facebook wall, share it with your friends and neighbors and coworkers etc and help us reach that $20,000 goal so we can finish this documentary that the world needs to see and help us spread our message of bicycle music love and bicycling for transportation. We only have six days to raise $6,000! Donate and tell your friends to donate!

Thank you so much!

P.S. Here's a special sneak peak at a trailer of the film from two years ago:

The Ginger Ninjas' Pleasant Revolution (trailer) from Kipchoge Spencer on Vimeo.


I had such a blast at Sanctuary! The folks at Camp Renegade and Strategik definitely know how to party and throw a fat campout music festival. Here are some pictures:

 DJ booth...
 Chill space. Like the unicorn!
They had collaborative art stations...

 Big FIRE!
 BASS FACE photo booth. totally awesome art project.
  I got in the picture.
 Hot glue ribbon flower hat..
 Fire spinning.
 Nice "wild on the inside" jacket Dustin!
collaborative art
Thanks so much to Jake at Strategik for inviting me! And thanks for a wonderful weekend everyone.

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