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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CelloJoe is playing at Sanctuary: Mind, Body, and BASS!

If you are free this weekend, bust out your camping gear and come party with me at Sanctuary: Mind, Body, and BASS! Strategik SF is throwing a sweet party and there are only a few tickets left.

Get your tickets for Santuary at http://strategiksanctuary3.eventbrite.com/

Just look at the pool:
3 days & 2 nights.  2 stages / 40+ hours of music | Pool party | live art | huge fire pits | The DoDo Bus | massage tents | art installations | chill dome area | Japanese Tea Temple
BIG campground area | 30+ DJs and musical talents | wide array of musical genres | 
classes and daytime activities

beautiful wilderness environment • car camping available at no extra charge • only 3 hours from SF, 1.5 from Sacramento

- All respectable adults 18+ welcome

Lighting by VIVID FUSION

Look at the list of all the DJs and music! (You'll find me at the bottom..last minute addition) I don't know all of these DJs but I recognize the names after them. I think they are labels or production companies. I recognize Addictech, opulent temple, and Nexus from Burning Man. 
You'll also find me listed with the LIVE ART
They are offering some amazing workshops too. Like yoga, breath work, qi gong, Kundalini, etc. high vibes. It looks like it's going to be a really fun festival. I have heard it has a smaller more intimate feel with 300 people or so. So I hope you can make it.

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