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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How Weird Street Fair, Festivals, Cello Madness Congress

CelloJoe played at How Weird Street Faire on Sunday.

CelloJoe sets up his mobile busking rig on his bicycle outside the entrance to How Weird Street Faire.

CelloJoe uses his cello and his voice with a looper to create layered live music with no pre-recorded samples. Every sound is created on the spot and played back through the looper.

CelloJoe uses a BOSS RC-50 LoopStation, a Shure SM58 microphone, a custom modified JBLPRO PRX612 Loudspeaker (by RockTheBike.com), K&M telescoping boom mic stand, and plays a cello handcrafted by Laurence Haussler and William Elmore from Palo Alto Violins in 1998.

This video was taken by John Clarke. He is also a street performer. Check out his music at http://johnhclarke.bandcamp.com/

I also performed with Syzygy on the Beatbox & Poetry Stage in the How Weird Faire.

Now I'm off to Symbiosis Gathering "Pyramid Eclipse" Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, and Raindance Campout.

Oh yeah whoops I almost forgot.. I presided over the Cello Madness Congress on Sunday May 13 and it was off the hook awesome. Sam Bass, Mischa Khalikulov, Jess Ivry, Max MacLeod, Danielle Lottridge, Joshua the Scribe, Amelia Romano, Paul Eastburn, and more. Videos of the night are at facebook.com/cellomadness.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Facebook Like Battle!

It would mean so much to me, if you could please click on facebook.com/cellojoe and then click the "like" button. Then take that link and post it on your facebook wall and say, "Hey friends! Have you heard of this guy CelloJoe? He is awesome! He plays the cello, beatboxes, AND he rides around on a bicycle with a cello. Like his page at facebook.com/cellojoe"

Now, the reason I ask you to click "Like" is that I'm having a facebook "Like" battle with a certain friend in and first to 1,000 fans will win a rather awesome prize from the other. So, please help me win this competition so I don't have to buy her a fancy dinner.