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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wow. the past few weeks have been incredibly fun, fast paced, and fervently hectic. I went to Symbiosis Gathering, Lightning in a Bottle, and Raindance Campout.
Check out my photos from these festivals:
Symbiosis 2012
Lightning in a Bottle 2012
RainDance 2012

HUGE NEWS: I am playing at priceless music festival June 29-July 1.

Doesn't that look like fun? Wouldn't you like to go? Well, guess what?

They're sold out! No more tickets. The tickets sold for $127. Now they really are priceless.

But guess what else? I have one pass for a worthy friend!
Ah, you see how I did that? I got your hopes up, then I dashed them, then I got your hopes up higher. How ya like me now?

Here's the deal: I have been needing help with a lot of CelloJoe business. I am my own manager, booking agent, etc. I am looking at a book full of emails that i don't have time to enter right now because i have to get ready to go play a gig tonight. I need graphic design help. I need help running social media campaigns. I need a strategist, publicist, booking agent, etc. I need a one and a half hour massage. I need help getting my shit together and getting more professional. I need a producer. All of these things cost money that I don't have.
So, I am looking for someone who wants this priceless ticket and can offer me some help in any of these areas I described or who wants to offer something i haven't thought of... maybe something...priceless? Email me at CelloJoe@CelloJoe.com or text me at (65O) 208-7149 !

Also, I'm still always looking for ways to make money esp. by playing instead of working. If you know of anything, please let me know.
I'm looking for cello, piano, guitar, and music theory students in SF and the east bay. If you know anyone, please forward them my info. ( CelloJoe@CelloJoe.com (65O) 208-7149 )

My facebook like battle with mana maddy is moving fast. Please like my page at facebook.com/cellojoe. Make sure you check out my page on my web site where you'll find my social networking sites.


Discount Tickets to
Movement Play June 22-25!

Movement Play is the original microfestival. The capacity is something like 300 people. It is an intimate festival focused on dance and movement arts. Acroyoga, contact improv, ecstatic dance, all of it. You want to be at this microFestival for Macro-enjoyment.
All you gotta do is go to MovementPlay.com, click on Tickets. When you fill in your info, just put "CelloJoe26" in the discount code box and you will save $26 dollars. How ya like me now?
The 4th annual Movement Play Microfestival is June 22-25, 2012, in Willits, CA. 
Art, Entertainment, and Participation converge at the intersection of Play and Beauty! 
The Movement Play Microfestival brings together artists, musicians, teachers, and curious, genuine people who love to experience life through play, creative expression, and authentic connection.  This 4 day summer camp out is a sustainable "green" event, powered by biodiesel & solar power, promoting carbon neutral practices, and supporting local, organic farms and businesses.  All organic food provided by Table Nectar. Drinking water included in ticket price! Held ~3.5 hours north of San Francisco, this intimate event is one of the most nourishing festival gatherings in existence - leave feeling restored! 

Movement Play - www.movementplay.com/ June 22-25

Movement Play Official Trailer
Watch the Video
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Future Festivals!
Oregon Country Fair!
High Sierra!
Critical Massive!
What the Festival?
Gaia Festival!
Tribal Vision!
Burning Man!

If you are going to any of these festivals, I am looking for a ride!
Please email me or text me! CelloJoe@CelloJoe.com or 65O-208-7149

Here's my schedule for the rest of the summer:
(Full Schedule at CelloJoe.com)
June 13 2012 | San Francisco, CA | Off the Grid Proxy
June 16 2012 | San Francisco, CA | McCoppin Off the Grid
Jun 17 2012 | Palo Alto, CA | World Busking Music Day
June 20 2012 | Oakland, CA | Ecstatic Dance w/ Galactronic
Jun 22-25 2012 | Northern CA | Movement Play MicroFestival
Jun 26 2012 | San Francisco, CA | Om Shan Tea (w/ Yogi Prateado)
June 29-July 1 2012 | Belden, CA | Priceless Festival
July 3 2012 | San Francisco, CA | Boom Boom Room (opening for Jesus and the Rabbis)
July 13-15 2012 | Veneta, OR | Oregon Country Fair
July 16-22 2012 | Mt Vernon, WA | Critical Massive
July 27-29 2012 | White River Canyon, OR | What the Festival
Aug 3-5 2012 | Laytonville, CA | Gaia Festival
Aug 17-20 2012 | Taos, NM | Tribal Vision Festival
Aug 27 - Sep 3 2012 | Black Rock City, NV | Burning Man
Sep 12 2012 | San Francisco, CA | 50 Mason Social House (Classical Revolution's Present Festival)
Sep 22 2012 | Palo Alto, CA | Palo Alto Farmer's Market

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