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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What a summer! 
After playing at a festival nearly every weekend this summer,
I am finally returning toward a semblance of balance, rest, and centering.
Make sure you read all the way to the bottom of this blog post because there's some
HUGE NEWS at the end. ReallyReally exciting awesome news. 
Here's a photo gallery of my adventures at Burning Man. 

I flew in a little airplane over Black Rock City! And I played a ton of shows all over. It was so fun!

Here's a link to my two hour long set with Fractal Dragon at Sacred Spaces Village at Burning Man.
You can download it and it'll be just like you're at Burning Man minus all the dust, heat, and freaks..

The Cello Madness Congress on Sep 12 2012 was totally awesome and
there's some videos on the Cello Madness Congress Facebook page: 

It's video time!!
I rocked out at the Kinetic Carnival in Willits and had a breakdance crew called Floor Tactics bust some moves: http://youtu.be/TinCjLyQw20
Right before Burning Man I made a video to enter the BOSS World Looping Championship
and figured I'd make a couple videos of some of my songs. Check them out here:
contest entry:     
et freaky           http://youtu.be/_vTmNKSnopk
eggie maniac    http://youtu.be/67xT-OddAUY
o much love     http://youtu.be/PHikY_Z1DVg
eatbox improvisation    http://youtu.be/a9aIymYLapM
ork earn shop buy       http://youtu.be/Ny-iw_Iq-ns
ork earn shop buy (live in times sq)    http://youtu.be/oDSncwrRa9g  (this one is actually from february..)

CelloJoe on tour!
I'll be in southern California this week. Here's my schedule:
Wednesday Sep 19 2012
Green Art People 
140 N. Ventura Ave
Ventura, CA
7-10 pm (CelloJoe set 7-8 pm)
Thursday Sep 20 2012
Shangri-La Hotel
1301 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica, CA
7-9 pm

Fri Sep 21 2012
Analog Bar (opening for J.Boogie)
801 5th Ave
San Diego, CA
$10 (i think..)
Saturday September 22 2012
Whole Being Weekend
Idylwild, CA

Thursday September 27 2012
Awaken Cafe
1429 Broadway  Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 863-1440
with Tom Lattanand
7-9 pm (I play 8-9 ish)

Friday October 5 2012
Inter-Activate at Constant Creationz
926B Soquel Ave
Santa Cruz, CA
$10-20 sliding scale
Music by Clay Chollar, Fractal Dragon, The Genie, CelloJoe, and more.
First Friday art walk party.

Tuesday October 8 2012
Rock the Bike at Small Foundations Conference
Oakland, CA

Thursday October 11 2012
Device Free Drinks
620 Jones St
San Francisco, CA
Digital Detox presents "Device Free Drinks"
6-9 pm
Free. People check their phones in at the door for access to happy hour and fun activities.

Wednesday October 17 2012
Cello Madness Congress 
50 Mason Social House
50 Mason St
San Francisco, CA
8 pm

Friday, Saturday, Sunday October 19-21 2012
SF Trolley Dances
Evans Street City College

Finally. I'm doing work with a dance company. Epiphany Productions. Yes.
This is my ticket into the world of doing live music for dancers. It's something
I've always wanted to do and now I'm doing it.

Saturday October 20th 2012
Actual Cafe with Chris Peck
6334 San Pablo Avenue  Oakland, CA 94608
Oakland, CA

Now for the
I have been invited to play at two festivals inAustraliaAustraliaI've never been there before.
Pretty soon I will be launching a fundraising campaign so that I can do a super awesome epic
three month long bicycle tour in Australia covering almost 2,000 miles.

I want to spread some California style positive vibes down under so please be on the lookout
for this email in the next few weeks. I am going to be doing a kickstarter campaign, an IndieGoGo campaign, or I'm going to use WePay.com to crowdfund this expedition.

If you know people in Australia, please introduce me.
I'll need all the help I can get to put together a sweet bicycle tour in the next month and a half.
It's all happening, but I'm going to need your help to really make it happen. If you can't wait for
the official crowdfunding appeal, you may PayPal $5, $20, $50, $100, or a gazillion dollars to my
PayPal email address which is "CelloJoe@CelloJoe.com" I sure would appreciate your help!

November 10-16 2012
Eclipse 2012 Festival
Far North Queensland, Australia
heck out the website! I'm on their Music Line Up page!
http://www.eclipse2012.com/line_up_so_far (scroll to the C's..)

January 2012
Rainbow Serpent
Lexton, Victoria, Australia.

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