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Friday, November 30, 2012

CelloJoe Gear Photo

Before I set off, I went through all my gear and laid it all out. Here I will describe everything in this picture. From left to right we have: 
  • two dry bags
  • stickers, email book, download cards, banners, batteries for JBL, pedal power motor, pedalometer, two power strips
  • quarter inch and xlr cables, lr baggs DI, RCA cable, mic stand, 2 packs of CDs, 
  • Boss RC-50 looper (sticker box), ZOOM H4N recorder, Power adaptor for loop pedal, 
  • mac nut oil in jar, toiletries, sunscreen, pens
  • keith mcmillan 12 step MIDI pedal, AKAI LPD8 controller, laptop, presonus audio interface, external hard drive, cables and adaptors, chargers,
  • Rock the Bike modified JBL PRX 612, bike helmet, 
  • cello with cardboard case made out of bike box painted by Wombat
  • skully boom, pack cover, rain coat and pants, sun hat, fedora, cycle cap, wool sweater, riding shorts, 3 pair pants, three short shirts, one long sleeve shirt, swim trunks, 
  • sleeping bag, camp mat, tent
And that's all the stuff I have. I estimate that the gear weighs about 60 kilos. The luggage I took weighed 70 lbs and the speaker is about 40 plus the carry-on bag I took which was probably 25 lbs.. so about 135 lbs of gear. then the bike is about 50 lbs. so about 80 kilos in total.  

I went up a super steep hill on the first day and I wasn't sure if I could do it. I had to stop every 100 meters to catch my breath. but I made it up that hill and i've since gone up many more. and DOWN!

see ya down the road,