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Monday, February 18, 2013

Back in the USA!

Hey hey hey! I'm back in the USA. I've actually been back for a couple weeks or so. I've just been really lax about updating my website. I was on the BART the other day and someone said, "How's your back?" (referring to my most recent blog post about hurting my back in Australia.) I said, "Uh..It's much better now thanks." I was a little caught off guard, but this gentleman said he had looked up my website on his smart phone. OH! OK. I get it.

Quick Australia recap: I played Eclipse 2012 Festival in Far North Queensland, Peats Ridge Festival in Glenworth Valley near Sydney, & Rainbow Serpent Festival in Lexton outside Melbourne, a bunch of shows in Newcastle, Sydney, & Melbourne and busked in Byron Bay. I played at the famous Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne and had my most successful busking session ever there.

I played a few shows the last couple weeks. We had the first Cello Madness Congress of 2013 at Viracocha on Feb 3 2013. It was a good show and featured Sam Bass, Max McCloud, Abe Finkelstein, and Jesse Alm. I also played with Gina Rene & The Temple Show at ClouD 9 on Feb 9 2013. That one went pretty well too.

I have a bunch of shows coming up to finish off February 2013 and a few coming up in March I would like to tell you about.

Feb 21 2013 | 9 pm doors | CelloJoe and the Show at 10:30 pm
Boom Boom Room
1601 Fillmore, San Francisco, California CA
Jesús and the Rabbis, CelloJoe and the Show, & Beggers Who Give
Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/122091414635550/
short link: http://bit.ly/jatrcellojoe

Another great line up. There's a reason why Les, the door guy at the Boom Boom Room, says at every show, "WHERE do you find these bands?!" and that reason is they are fantastic. 
We are welcoming back the WORLD FAMOUS Cellojoe, known for his cello playing and beat boxing. He plays all around the world and he just got back from Australia. It's always amazing when we are able to book him and we continue to be excited anytime he actually says "Yes!" to us. Check out his facebook page facebook.com/cellojoe
The Beggars Who Give are one of JATR's favorite performing bands in the city. When we discussed booking them all of our audible responses were "SO DOWN". They just released their new EP which you can listen to and buy on their website at www.http://thebeggarswhogive.com/
Please do that immediately so you can give yourself an idea of how much you want to see them on February 21st at the Boom Boom Room.
We really hope to see so many of you there. It really is amazing to get the love and support we have over the past two years. We constantly strive to make good music for you all.
Oh yeah, we'll have a brand new original and a new cover for you. It's like making babies. You never know what you're going to get, but you know you'll love it anyway.
Feb 22 2013 | 7 pm doors | 8 pm show
Awaken Cafe (w/ Heather Normandale)
1429 Broadway, Oakland, California 94612Feather Bright, Heather Normandale, & Paige
Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/127040867469183/
short link: http://bit.ly/awakenfeb22

Oaktown Indie Mayhem presents…http://www.facebook.com/oaktownindiemayhem
Feather Bright=========Every now and then a musician is born that demands a genre all their own, and Feather-Bright just so happens to be one of them. Self proclaimed as Moon Rock, these songs don’t just spark the imagination, they manifest a reality of other worlds near and far. So do yourself a favor and get a front row seat to be engulfed in a sea of lyrical magic.http://www.facebook.com/FeatherBright
Heather Normandale=============Repping her most recent album, Trembling Water, Heather Normandale & her trio aim to awaken people to a time where water wasn’t just bottled for money, but collected as a precious life source. No bland lecture here though, as all the knowledge is dropped through finger pickin’ tunes & topped off with unrivaled poetic melody & lyricism. http://www.facebook.com/HeatherNormandale
Paige====A long time Bay Area musician, Paige commands her guitar and sings with the same passion as any of the great Femmes of our generation. Playing on both the joys and sorrows of life, she has the emotional honesty of a broken hearted lass and the polished sincerity of one that has known their calling all along. Not a set to be missed. http://www.myspace.com/whatshewrote
Doors: 7pmShow: 8pm
Feb 23 2013 | 9 pm doors | Durian Sex Cult at 10 pm
Supper Club (w/ Durian Sex Cult)
657 Harrison St, San Francisco, CaliforniaStephen Jacobs, ChrisB, Mihkal, Durian Sex Cult, Jocelyn, Dulce Vita, Alia, Melty Whomps, Dj Diagnosis
Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/478221185568324/
short link: http://bit.ly/supperclubfeb23

Club Exotica presents "Adore Me" Sat. Feb 23 @ SupperClub--- A Second Base Party
Tickets: http://adoreme.eventbrite.com/
Get FREE tickets (Volunteer or help with Promo!). . . Volunteer: Signup here http://goo.gl/mwMnE. . . Promote: By inviting your FB friends (Contact Us)
Imagine yourself walking into a party, but not any party. This one is different. As you walk in the door, you notice how good, how open, how sexy everyone looks and feels. As you step deeper, the atmosphere gets warmer. The decor and lighting are rich and vibrant. Here a woman is feeding a grape to another woman. Here a group of old and new friends are smiling and hugging each other. The music is pumping with a deep sub bass that causes your whole body to follow. And then you find the dance floor, and a whole world of amazing people appear, calling you to join them...
This is your world, the world of Club Exotica. 
Feb 27 2013 | 5 pm doors | CelloJoe at 7 pm
La Estrellita Cafe: Wormhole Wednesdays
446 E 12th St, Oakland, California 94606
Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/151954208291674/
short link: http://bit.ly/wormholefeb27

In honor of STS9 gracing the Fox on Friday March 1st WormHole brings you an extra special night showcasing live bands with an electronic bass edge. We will be rocking out hard with some next level sounds.ᕔᕔᕔ Featuring ᕔᕔᕔᕔ Elefant Fam (live) ᕔ(Synthetic Pulse, San Mateo)https://soundcloud.com/elefant-doᕔ Cello Joe ᕔ(Cello+Beatboxing, Berkley)https://soundcloud.com/cellojoehttp://www.cellojoe.com/ᕔ Narayan From Zion ᕔhttp://narayanfromzion.bandcamp.comᕔ GT Unitas ᕔ(Spreading the Love, San Jose)https://soundcloud.com/geetunitaᕔ BeauTronic Jazz Experience ᕔ(Wormhole, Oakland)ᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔVJ Artistry by Electric Jack and Matthew Childers ᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔVisionary Canvasses by Bryan BoutwellᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔᕔOrder delicious Mexican food and get ready for the ultimate bass fiesta. Take in the musical vibrations and enjoy the video mapping kaleidoscope in the banquet room!Happy Hour specials from 5-7pm on Margaritas, Beer, and Appetizers
March 1 2013 | 7 pm doors | CelloJoe at 7:30 pm
Inner Mission SF2050 Bryant St, San Francisco, California
An off-the-grid party to celebrate the National Day of Unplugging! UNPLUG! Please RSVP at http://unplugsf.eventbrite.com/ 
Check your phone at the door and together we’ll redefine what it means to truly be connected.
Join us and our friends from Reboot, Inner Mission SF, Treehouse and yerdle for our largest Device-Free Drinks celebration to date. Leave your phone at home or check it at the door for a night of Digital Detox goodness - massage lounge, live music, typewriters, arts and crafts, hand-drawn portraits, board games, dancing... you name it! Unplug after a busy week and take time off the grid to feel awesome. 

March 1 2013 | 7 pm doors | CelloJoe set time TBA
Public Works SF
161 Erie Street (Off Mission between duboce and 14th), San Francisco, California 94103
Burning Man Flambé Lounge Art Salon
short link: http://bit.ly/burnalequinoxmar2
Burning Man presents…BURNAL EQUINOX 2013 Flambe Lounge art salon & mixer! 
Art • Music • Performance * Theme Camps * Video Artistry * Technology * You!
21+ over venue$20; just $15 with donation of art supplies for Hospitality House art program (*see needed supplies below)Dress: Anything from Abacus to Cyber-Absurd! Come @ 7pm for special ROBOT Happy Hour mixer + drink specials!
Burnal Equinox is our first community salon and mixer of the year and we look forward to YOUR participation! Ramp up your Radical Self-Expression and join a wide variety of performers, artists, theme camps and friends at this creative salon to encourage arts collaboration in the Bay Area.
OK That's all for now!

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