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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Cello Madness Congress: Buddies! is tomorrow night! 8 pm Viracocha SF $10-20.
TODAY ONLY! $7 advance tickets at http://bpt.me/358015
Get em while they last.

Buy tickets for The Cello MADNESS Congress: Buddies

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Write up on the Vino Vaquera Blog

from The Vino Vaquera Blog: 

Saturday evening the CDW crew & visitors were serenaded by a true Troubadour!s The talented Mr. Cello Joe, the craziest beatboxing cellist in the West, had a jam packed tasting room full of vibrant visitors singing along to many of his original creations throughout the evening. What an extraordinary talent, thank you Cello Joe....your spirit is contagious!!!!

Can you beatbox to a Sebastian Bach classic? This is how we roll in Little L.A. folks.....:)

        Last but certainly not least, I would of course like to give a big shout out and thank you to all of our new CDW club members and travelers who came to visit Sonja and I this weekend. We had a blast spoiling you with Sonja's delicious new 2012 vintages. Thank you all for helping to create yet again another magical Little L.A. weekend, we hope to see all of you again soon in our favorite little western town.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lucidity Festival

CelloJoe plays at 5 pm at the Family Garden on Friday April 12.
All the info is at http://lucidityfestival.com

Formidable Vegetable Sound System - YIELD (Official Music Video - HD)

Simply stunning and amazing! Yes. this is the best thing i've seen and heard in a long while! Charlie Mgee is truly a genius. I met him at Eclipse 2012 in Australia and we played some shows together in Sydney and Melbourne.

Friday, April 05, 2013

CelloJoe playing at Langton Lab this saturday april 6 2013

CelloJoe playing at Langton Lab

Saturday April 6 2013

Langton Labs presents Hacked Organic
9 Langton St, SF
$10-15 donation

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/168702999948030/
CelloJoe set is at 6 pm.
"Join us for an investigation of art and music dedicated to the melding of traditional instruments and materials and new means of utilizing them. We've gathered musicians, makers and artists who've built their tools to best suit their needs, developed their own unique processes, and/or pushed their mediums to the greatest extent and we'd like to present them to you!
Langton Labs will be transformed into a fantastic art gallery, tea house, and musical venue for just one night. Prints and original works available for purchase. Come by and see what we've stirred up!"

Thursday, April 04, 2013

CelloJoe playin at Tourettes without Regrets with Syzygy and Frisco Thursday April 4 2013!

CelloJoe playin at Tourettes without Regrets with Syzygy and Frisco Thursday April 4 2013!

Info and tickets: http://holdmyticket.com/event/134867

Every first thursday for the last ten yearsTourettes without Regrets (http://touretteswithoutregrets.com) has been entertaining throngs of people with what they call "The Fight Club of performance art!"

WINNER! BEST OF THE BAY multiple times including 2012!!

Because what Tourettes brings is the deepest concentration of raw talent you're likely to see in the Bay Area." -KQED




Fou Fou Ha! is an animated performance ensemble of interative characters and dancers with spectacular costumes, described as “wildly unique” by NBC. With a myriad of color-filled costumes- resembling a cross between Dr. Seuss, Antique Court Jesters and fantastic Anime characters, Fou Fou Ha! adds a fantastical element to any event with their unique performances that mix a “Fosse precision with a Jim Henson sensibility.” (SF Weekly)

Grindtime Freestyle Battle Rappers: Dirt Bag Dan and Cadillac Ron

MAURA MURPHY; Aerial Dance

Hellraiser Burlesque by LOLA MARTINENT

Beat-Box and Cello Collab by Syzgy, Cello Joe and Frisco

Defending Haiku Champion: CLARE O'KANE

and The Maniac of Mouth, Wildman SIDESHOW SYZYGY!
Battle Beats by DJ MIGGY STARDUST!
Onstage Freaking by MISS ECCENTRIC and MR. MASCOT!
- = - = - = - = - = - = - = - =
630 3rd St
Sign up's 8pm * Show 8:30pm


Check out the recap from the March show:

March 2010 – Saint Patty’s Day
Despite massive technical difficulties before the show, this was a raucous, crazy show which got people screaming from right at the start and didn’t let up until it was over.
The show started with a round of pants-off musical chairs by the very reluctant judges who nearly got boo’d off stage.
The dirty haiku battle was a HUGE upset, with reining champ Tatyana finally being deposed by Rachel Warner!
The slam had a strong showing, but real-life military sniper Steve Zook brought the house down and took home the money.
Stand up comedy by a 15-year-old and some crazy contests ensued, ending with one man taking a shot of new mother Hezzie’s breast milk.
Syzygy rocked the mic with Asher and a guitarist.
The New Eccentrics presented the magical story of Splenda the (goth) Unicorn.
Rocky Roulette pogo’d his clothes off for all the ladies in the house.
Battle heavyweight Madness stole the spotlight for his feature set, pounding out his lyrics and getting the crowd pumped.
Tantrum and Madness had a freestyle insult round, tearing down 5 unlucky suckers from the audience.
First-timer L-Mo beat out Sosh at the last minute in the battle. It was a great round, and Sosh is shaping up to be a serious competitor, making it to the finals his first two times at Tourettes.
The shows just keep getting better, so come check it out in April!