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Thursday, October 17, 2013

CelloJoe at ULUV 2013 Festival for charity - Oct 26 2013

I'll be playin at ULUV 2013, A donation based, Bay Area music festival for charity celebrating everything ULUV. 
Date: October 26th 2013
Location: 111 Minna Street & the 100th block of Minna Street 
Cost: Free/ donation based, VIP tickets available for purchase (currently VIP tickets onlly available for purchase through Indiegogo campaign)
Website: uluvmusic.com

On October 26th ULUV will take place at 111 Minna Gallery and on Minna Streets 100th block. The event will feature 3 stages, cover all genres represented in the Bay Area, showcase over 40 local artists, as well as celebrate local art, food, and beer.  All donations collected at the event and proceeds from VIP tickets will go to support 3 music charities, Bread and Roses, Music in Schools Today and MusiCares. 
Headliners include: David Harness, Gavin Hardkiss, Luce, Roem and the Revival, NAKED SOUL, Sila, Bayonics & Wil Blades OGD 
Charity Info: Bread and Roses - Brings music to those who need it most, providing free, live, quality entertainment to people who live in institutions or isolated care centers. 
Music In Schools Today - Music education for the next generation, advocating for, supporting and developing, integrated, sustainable and measurable music-in-education programs
MusiCares - A safety net for musicians, providing critical assistance such as financial support, medical and dental assistance. A free dental clinic will be held for participating ULUV musicians.

Videos from "You're Going to Die Poetry Night"

Performances from You're Going to Die Poetry night in the mission in San Francisco.

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