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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Amadora CD Release Party and Hacked Organic Tonight!

Amadora CD Release Party and Hacked Organic Tonight!

CD Release party for Amadora:
 Facebook event page

Ride on a joyful wave of music, mudra and mantra as you celebrate and play with the many amazing faces of the Sacred Feminine for the Amadora “Dream Awake” CD release party and Ceremonial Concert! 

Join us for an evening of Fun, merrymaking and magic, with special guest performances by musicians, sacred temple dancers- featuring Thinley Wangmo as Kali and Ka Amorastreya as the winged one, plus hot spoken word by Kalila, Michaela Ivie "Miracula" as a comical fairy muse, Shamanic cheers- featuring Raina Satori Stewart and the amazing acrobats, Alice Belfore and Zach Beach, all during an interactive prayerformance by Amadora.

We invite you to open the portal and step through the gateway of your open heart to journey into Sacred and archetypal realms.

The Event will begin with a 40th bday live painting Ceremony by Tara Shorey in support of her art exhibit
"PAINTED PRAYERS" cards prints and originals available
-a collection of work that began on the turquoise trail."
please arrive by 6:30 starts at 7pm

Then Cello Joe will open up the eve with live music as we enjoy a mystic Bazaar/mythic marketplace where you will find yourself delighted by the magical gifts and offerings of the 13 moon sisters and their extended community of artisans including the visionary art of KA Amorastreya.

Stunning live projections and visuals by Stunami will support and enhance your experience and transport you into the mythic and archetypal realms throughout the Amadora "Dream Awake" Ceremonial concert!

Raw chocolates, and healthy superfood elixirs await you in the Goddess of Love lounge with Rhythmic Seed Organic Vegan Dancing Cuisine and Brilliant Elixirs.

After the show, we will dance into the night with ALIA

Bring your open heart and let all your senses delight!

Visit us at:

This one is all about interactive technology! I go on around 11pm
 Facebook event page
Hacked Organic (2.0!)
April 26th 
9 Langton St, SF
$15-20 sliding scale, at the door

Join us for the second annual investigation of art and music dedicated to the melding of traditional instruments and materials and new means of utilizing them. We've gathered musicians, makers and artists who've built their tools to best suit their needs, developed their own unique processes, and/or pushed their mediums to the greatest extent and we'd like to present them to you!

Langton Labs will be transformed into a fantastic art gallery, tea house, and musical venue for just one night. Prints and original works available for purchase.

Tea House by the Sound Cave Roadshow

TempoMachi (www.TempoMachi.com)
Sean Stevens and Ashley Newton (www.sustainablemagic.org)
Jamie Emerick (www.jamieemerick.com)
Heather Marie Scholl (www.heathermareischoll.com)
Calli Beck (www.callibeckdesign.com)
Erik Walker (www.erikwalker.us)
Deborah Yoon (www.deborahyoon.com)
Elena Kulikova (www.elenakulikova.com)
Shawn Feeney (www.shawnfeeney.com)
Alex Ember (www.alexember.com)
Jade 7.0 (www.jade-esc.com)
The Invisible Underground (www.theinvisibleunderground.com)
Michael Garlington (www.michaelgarlington.com)
Jonathan Barcan (www.jonathanbarcan.com)
Moldover's MicroMasher (www.moldover.com)

Spoken Bird (www.soundcloud.com/spokenbird)
Daniel Berkman (www.danielberkman.com)
Shovelman (www.shovelman.com)
Emperor Norton (too new to have a website)
Nikki Borodi (www.nikkiborodi.com)
Cello Joe (www.cellojoe.com)
Mr Left & Mr Right+Kevin Land (www.mrleftandmrright.com)

Looking forward to seeing your shining faces!

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