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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cello Joe "digital addiction" at Electric Forest inside The Grand Artique

Thanks to Ian Xavier​ for shooting this sweet video of my song "digital addiction" at tHe gRaNd aRtiQue​ at Electric Forest​.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Losing everything to fire

Dear Friends, 

Two days ago my life went up in flames. There was a fire in my home. A loud explosion woke my girlfriend and me up. As the fire grew so fast around us, I grabbed my best cello, my keys, wallet, and cellphone and ran out the door. I'm so so lucky that only my eyelashes were burnt and I've never been so grateful to be alive. 

All of my possessions, excluding the one cello I grabbed, are gone. Thousands and thousands of dollars of music equipment, and stupidly, I didn't have renter's insurance. This is a picture of my collapsible travel cello that I had been playing since 2011. 

Some friends created a fund for us, anything you can offer will help. I'm grateful to just be alive, to have my beloved cello, and the help of kind friends. 

Here is the link to the recovery fund: bit.ly/tonijoeyfund
 link to recovery fund
Here's the text from the fundraiser that our friend Kirk Benttinen set up:

This fundraiser is to help Toni Tone and Joey Chang recover from severe loss after they lost their home and all of their possessions to a fire. The funds will go towards the purchase of clothes, home goods and professional equipment lost in the fire. (You can contact Joey to arrange physical donations of food, clothing, home goods etc here too: CelloJoe@CelloJoe.com)
We are so grateful that they made it out unharmed, but unfortunately the fire consumed everything they own. Joey lost two cellos, and all of his music equipment he uses for performing and recording. He also lost cameras, computers, his means of sharing his gifts with the world and making a living. Toni lost countless hand made puppets, beautiful rainbow banners, and piles of her art that she has invested thousands of hours making. Anyone who knows her, also knows how much of herself is invested in her art. They also lost their clothes, shoes, furniture, and all their material needs of life, including their camping gear which is essential for performing at the many festivals they work throughout the year. Simply put, we have two members of our community that need our help.
This is a chance to put your heard earned dollars to good use. Contributing to this cause is not only an investment in their lives, but an investment in all of our lives, an investment in our community. It is a demonstration of love and appreciation that they are both still with us. And an appreciation that we can continue to receive their creative and personal gifts. What they do makes all of our lives more exciting, beautiful and interesting. So let's do this together for them. Please give what you can to say thank you and remind ourselves of the generosity we’re all capable of.

So much love to you Joey and Toni, we’re so glad to have you with us.