CelloJoe - Cello, Beatboxing, Singing & Looping - Classical Hip-Hop. International bicycle touring vagabond troubadour cellist beatboxer

Toni Tone

Cello Joe and Toni Tone perform together as a duo. Toni Tone adds her sultry voice to Cello Joe's beatboxing/cello loops. Their lyrics weave together sustainability, environmental justice, and social awareness.


They also perform a humanette cellist act with Toni Tone on stilts "puppeteering" Cello Joe! 


They also perform a puppet show for young and old about sustainability through fairy tales with a modern twist and interactive puppet play! 

Here's a 45 minute children's puppet show:

To book Toni Tone and Cello Joe, text Joey at +1 65O-208-7149 

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